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History of the Project

1967 Japanese Government established the Japanese Youth Goodwill Cruise Program (JYGC), as part of the centenary celebrations for the Meiji Restoration. Its aims were to promote international exchange between Japanese Youth, allowing them to experience overseas travel.history

1989 Ship for World Youth (SWY) established to replace JYGC. This was focused on greater participation from non-Japanese Participant Youths, so as to encourage and reflect Japanese internationalisation. The promotion of intercultural exchange and mutual understanding became prominent within the aims of the program. Participants lived on board the ship for about 65 days and attended seminars, lectures and took part in cultural exchange activities as well as visits to ports of call. The first SWY ship comprised 276 participant youths (PYs) of which 103 were Japanese participants (JPYs). The program was based on ‘East-Bound’ and ‘West-Bound’ routes. Thus the ports of call and the participants for each year would vary between countries in the ‘Western’ hemisphere and those in the ‘Eastern’ hemisphere

1999 The SWY program was again altered this time to harmonise both the West and East bound routes. The result was a greater degree of diversity amongst the participants.

Since the SWY program started in 1989 well over 3000 young people from over 60 countries spanning Africa, Asia, Oceania, North and South America and Europe have been participants in this unique program.

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