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What do I need to take?

Chosen to represent the UK & N.I. in an official capacity, one of the aims of SWY is to deepen foreign understanding of British society and culture. You will be asked questions about government, public opinion and social issues and expected to be able to discuss national issues in an informed manner.

Visual Aids – Photographs, books and maps are important tools for discussion group work and informal group scenarios. Participants have differing levels of English thus visual aids enable them to learn at their own speed. Additionally, home stay families will want to know all about your home, family and where you live.

Important visual aids include:

  • Descriptive books about Britain – statistical facts, the education system, the government system, tourist information, youth council information, history, sports and culture. Be prepared to lend them out/give as presents.
  • Photographs– Your family, friends, hometown, favourite places.
  • Maps- Local and National – The notion of Britain as Scotland, England, Wales and N. Ireland will always need to be explained!
  • Videos/DVD’s – Social and National issues, Local initiatives, Film culture. Watch it and be prepared to discuss.

Sponsorship and Promotion

The SWY Alumni fully relies on sponsorship funds for development of local initiatives and future international projects. As a participant, you can best prepare by contacting local institutions, media and businesses for funds to raise the profile of the UK SWY abroad.

Keyrings, books, leaflets, clothing are all gifts for host families, cabin mates and group members that promote UK activities and create reminders for contacts for future reference. Past sponsors have included Yorkshire Tea, Lincolnshire County Council, Liverpool Youth Council and the British Council, who in turn show an interest in activities post-trip. ‘Think Global, act local’ is paramount for increasing SWY co-operation at home.